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How to Roll Dice in C#

How to Roll Dice in C# This tutorial will simulate the roll of two dice in C# Windows Forms. The program will use the Random Class, that represents a pseudo-random number generator, which is an algorithm that produces a sequence of numbers that meet certain statistical requirements for randomness. The Random.Next() method will be used […]

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image animation

Image Animation in C#

Animation and game programming go hand and hand, and when using a graphical environment like Windows, users expect animation in games. Before you can provide animation to your game, you need to display a graphic or image. One method is using a PictureBox control, which is used to display graphics from a bitmap, metafile, icon,

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What is C# Game Development

C# Game Development is the process of creating a game using C# as the programming language. C# (pronounced “C-Sharp”) was developed by Microsoft with Anders Hejlsberg as the principal designer and lead architect in 2000. It was later released with Visual Studio .NET 2002. C-sharp is a general object-oriented programming language and one of the

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